Welcome to Diversey ServiceNow
- virtual support that gets you back in business in minutes.


We understand that every second counts in your operations, and any disruption can have a significant impact on your efficiency and profitability.





Unplanned downtime can cost you up to 25 hours of productivity a month.


Access Virtual service should help get back to business when downtime strikes. Don't wait for a service diagnosis and resolutions to get back to work.

With a click of a button, you can quickly access a solution to get you back in business in minutes.


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Self service portal

Online expertise, accessible 24/7 on your mobile device


  • Step-by-step resolutions that will get you back to business fast.
  • Proactive customer service providing support on your timeline.
  • Error codes, alarms and simple equipment alerts; are easily resolved without the wait


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Guided Support

Personalised experience; a Diversey expert at your fingertips.

  • Augmented reality allow our virtual experts to diagnose and solve issues remotely and get you fully operational in no time.
  • Become empowered and educated through a guided diagnosis, fix and retrospective.



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Don't let equipment downtime bring your operations to a halt - discover Diversey ServiceNow and experience the power of virtual support.


Scan the QR code on your equipment and follow the steps ..to get back in business!


Benefits of virtual service and support



Benefits Instant Diagnosis Icon   Instant diagnosis


Benefits Immediate Resolution Icon   Immediate resolution
Benefits Reduced Downtime Icon   Improved efficiency
Benefits Improved CO2 Footprint Icon   Co2 something


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In-Person Support

Clarity that delivers the right expert with the right parts


  • In some cases, in-person support is the best option. Comprehensive diagnosis ahead of time ensures more accurate and immediate issue resolution when our expert arrives at your site
  • The guided assistance means a better diagnosis meaning a better end result when an on-site visit is required.