Commercial Laundry
Building Best-in-Class Commercial Laundries

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We offer solutions that address your laundry needs and help you achieve "best-in-class".


Diversey's experience in commercial laundry spans almost a century. Our industry-leading application experts have commissioned thousands of tunnel washers across the globe.

Our broad expertise, innovative laundry chemicals and deep support give you the edge. We help you achieve exacting wash hygiene standards and build seamless processes.

Clax MASTER is a modular platform that gives you control over every step of your laundry operations.

  • We offer expertise and support to maintain industry standards and improve operational efficiency
  • We aim to improve your overall profitability


Total Laundry Operational Cost


Commercial LaundryCommercial Laundry Operational DiagramIcons - Enhance User Experience, Ensure Compliance, Drive Operational Efficiency, and Protect People.