Hygiene Academy

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Hygiene Academy

The Diversey Hygiene Academy has a cloud-based environment for providing an e-learning training system that ensures the workforce is trained properly and performing at their best. Our trainers consist of a global team of experts who understand all the hygiene applications that our customers face in all the sectors that we serve. This expertise is the backbone of Diversey, we understand our customers hygiene challenges and we develop, manage and help implement the best solutions for our customers.


The main goals of the Diversey Hygiene Academy are:

  1. Set hygiene standards by sector to be compliant with regulations and directives from authorities like WHO and CDC.
  2. Liaise with key hygiene institutes to ensure regulations and directives are executable in our industry.
  3. Translate hygiene standards and our deep application expertise into practical Standard Operating Protocols and hygiene plans for our customers
  4. Ensure the best application knowledge embedded in the global Diversey organization through our global and cross-regions network of experts to support our customers globally.
  5. Make Hygiene Academy training materials available to train customers to enable them to be compliant with regulations and to enable them to optimize their operations.
  6. Support regional and local teams with critical implementations at customers
  7. Continuously add content and thought leadership to the Diversey Hygiene Academy including hosting webinars on innovative solutions and new learnings throughout all sectors.